For Men Only...The Darkness Of Pornography


My Story

My story is not  a pretty one.  I have been a Christian my whole life.  I was raised in a Christian home and for 30+ years I worked in the church as a Director of Christian Education.  For many years I kept my little secret hidden and in the dark. That is until January 2011 when I was faced head on with the character flaw that kept me enslaved for many years.  That flaw was one of addiction to pornography and the many roads it led me down.  I now share my story with men's groups , ministry teams and anyone else who might  benefit from hearing my story of repentance, reconciliation, and restoration.

Why Do I Do This?

The Porn industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and growing more and more everyday.  It continues to negatively effect marriages and impact families.  In this talk, I share my own struggle with pornography and how it impacted me through crisis of relationships, marriage, and calling.

My purpose for sharing my story is two-fold:

  1. The first is to raise an awareness of how this issue is hurting marriages and families, especially in the church.   I believe the church puts blinders on this issue that keeps many men who are struggling with pornography silent in their addiction.
  2. To let men caught in this addiction to know there is hope and a better future and the first step is in repentance followed by accountability to and community with other men.


Here is what a couple of people have said about this presentation:

  • "Tom's story of brokenness and his journey to restoration and hope paved the way for our Stephen Ministers to discuss about how not only the Stephen Minister but also the church, can be a safe place to deal with the ramifications of pornography use. Our Stephen Ministers were strengthened and blessed because of their time with Tom."    Sandy,  Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Lakewood, CO.
  • "Tom Keithley provides an honest, from the heart witness concerning a significant sin issue affecting the lives of people.  His courage, insight and encouragement to men dealing with the struggles of pornography is a powerful witness and his personal experience is a testament to the grace of God for all of us. Hope and Future Life Ministry's mission of helping men and their families struggling with this addiction is invaluable and I encourage anyone desiring to break their own chains of bondage to reach out and connect with this ministry. It could change your life."   Pastor Tim, Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Lakewood, CO

What About Teenage Boys?

Statistics show that 90% of teenage boys starting at 11 or 12 years old have viewed pornography either by accident or intentionally.  Many of those boys then become hooked on the excitement it brings and suffer from the devastation of continued viewing.

I am in the process of developing a talk for teenage boys as well.


Book Tom to speak and share his story to help others in the fight against this dreadful enemy.  Venue's can include a men's ministry event, youth, Stephen Ministry training and more.

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